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KLOVIA’s luxury rental platform was conceived to bring the best of fashion, and an internationally benchmarked standard of couture, to Australian audiences.


The brand’s founders, Sylvia Ktori and Kony Diaman, shared extensive experience in the luxury fashion space; with Ktori’s advocacy for high-end, quality garments complementing Diaman’s career in custom dressmaking. As passionate as the pair were about couture and their eponymous designs, they were disheartened by the growing trend of consumers wearing high fashions pieces only once before retiring them to the back of their wardrobes. Ktori and Diaman knew first-hand the hours and expertise required to make garments of that calibre, and felt they deserved to be celebrated and appreciated for longer than a single wear.


At the same time, the world around them (and its consumers) was changing. The environmental crisis was escalating rapidly, with the fashion industry identified as one of the biggest contributors to global waste and pollution. Startlingly, an estimated 6000 kilos of textiles and clothing are dumped in landfill in Australia every 10 minutes. Ktori and Diaman understood the critical need to reshape fashion’s outdated and environmentally dangerous consumption models.


The next step was clear. KLOVIA’s premiere rental service was born; its philosophy guided by the democratisation of high fashion for sustainably-minded shoppers. By joining fashion’s growing share economy (and designing original pieces for rent), customers are able to wear and appreciate high levels of craftsmanship without the huge price tags or further detriment to the planet. 


And it doesn’t end there. KLOVIA reuses all garment delivery packaging for the return journey, before recycling. Customers are also encouraged to explore carbon offset opportunities at checkout. 


Ethical manufacturing is another important facet of KLOVIA’s philosophy. As such, all KLOVIA pieces are lovingly hand-made in the brand’s Melbourne-based atelier.


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