Frequently Asked Questions


What is KLOVIA?

Welcome to KLOVIA, You have just discovered the first Australian Designer Dress Hire service.

At KLOVIA we create the highest quality couture dresses and outfit that are ready for hire. These incredible show stopping dresses and outfits are exclusive to

Our design studio and garments are ethically made in Australia.


How are garments cleaned?


KLOVIA garments and reusable packaging are meticulously cleaned each time they are returned to us. The cleaning process focuses on both wet – and dry – cleaning and using detergents and products that do not ruin the garment itself.

KLOVIA’s dry-cleaning agents are extremely professional, and their practices include a variety of techniques that ensure that each garment is thoroughly, steamed and pressed, inspected for quality, and carefully packaged so that it arrives ready to wear.


Are garments manufactured overseas?

All KLOVIA garments and pieces are made in Australia.


Do you ship internationally?


Yes KLOVIA can ship internationally, we use DHL. Please email for international orders.


Am I able to wash or dry clean my items?

There is no need for you to clean your items, KLOVIA will look after that for you. Our committed contacts are professionals of their craft, and always ensure that KLOVIA pieces stay in excellent condition.


Will the clothes need to be pressed upon arrival?

KLOVIA will try to ensure that the garments arrive wrinkle – free. Each piece is steamed and pressed before being packaged and sent for delivery. If the garment arrives with slight creases, please try steaming it on a low heat or contact us for advice.

Am I able to tailor any of the items?

KLOVIA does not allow any alternation. Feel free to use fashion tape to temporarily tailor your looks. Please remember to remove them before sending back the garment to KLOVIA.


What condition are the items in?


KLOVIA is dedicated to ensuring that each garment and piece is at a high quality. Each item is inspected and cleaned so that when they arrive, they are as good as new. This is taken very seriously at KLOVIA, which is why each repair is done to the highest quality in house.


What if I accidentally stain or damage the clothes?


Please contact KLOVIA via email or phone 0405 888 808.


When will my order arrive?

Your order will be shipped to arrive on the first day of your rental booking. Our calendar takes delivery time to your postcode into consideration, and we will dispatch your order to arrive on the first day of your booking.


What do I do with the dress once it's been worn?

Please return in the packaging that you received and instruct DHL of your pickup time.


When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged at time of purchase. Please note we are offering Afterpay.


What if I am having trouble with a zipper?

If you have trouble with a zipper please contact KLOVIA who will provide video assistance, however all our dresses have the highest quality zippers.


How do I choose the perfect outfit?

Please contact KLOVIA at who will book you in with one of our Fashion Consultants. You might also find the ‘Designer Notes section helpful included on the product pages.